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My name is Viresh Sinha, and I am South Carolina ‘s 78th House District resident. I immigrated to America in 1998 with a well paying Computer Programming job. I spent several years in Los Angeles, California after working in Grand Rapids, Michigan for little over a year, and finally moved to Columbia, South Carolina.

In my 21 years of journey in United States, I have worked for large corporations like Ross Perot’s Electronic Data Systems and I have started up few small businesses including the one, most dear to my heart, a preschool in St. Andrews in Columbia, South Carolina. I have lived a well off life and I have lived in poverty as well. First hand, I have experienced that life of a common man has become more & more stressful while level of Politics deteriorating everyday. I am a common man with common needs, and I know what it’s like to have your best interests disregarded by establishment politicians.

I understand intimately the issues that South Carolinian hold dear, and I have pledged to fight to make a change in the State House by pushing for common sense solutions to our problems. I want to inspire a culture of working class common man joining State/US Congress rather than Career & Dynasty Politicians who are arguing with each other non-stop rather than focusing on solving problems.

I plan to use my diversified, multicultural life experience and expertise in various areas of engineering and technology to find innovative solutions for Economic Growth and Infrastructure Development.

Being well versed in Process engineering and Root Cause Analysis, I plan to solve the common yet persistent problems, like extremely High cost of education, not just making Loan Money easily available. I plan to solve the Health Problems, not just making sick plans more affordable.

Working for larger corporation gave me perspective of managing large scale projects , being a small business owner taught me frugality and strong work ethics with multitasking.

I want to take South Carolina into the 21st century, something which has not happened in last 20 years, I feel that millennial of South Carolina have been cheated, not just with high cost of education but also with lack of 21st century development and infrastructure.

I strongly believes that farmers, a hardworking backbone of our state and country are impacted most with climate change. While growing vegetables and fruits with my 9 year old son in our little garden, I have had the slight glimpse of problems my farmer brothers and sisters probably face through out the year. I plan to use innovative technology and solutions to promote extensive farming and cleaner energy to fight climate change.

I believe, Social Justice is Right of every South Carolinian, and is non negotiable. Corruption is something I will not tolerate, rather pull it out by its root as it is the termite that eats our values and makes our society hollow day after day.

I support livable minimum wages of $15/hour for everyone.

Driving through downtown Columbia,SC and witnessing the homeless Veterans camping in Finley Park, makes my head go down with shame, their mainstreaming and re-habitation as it should, would be a priority for me which need not even mentioned.

After having lived in California for a long time, and having a well established business connection network in New York, I question:

Why cant we have a tech industry like Silicon Valley and a film industry like Hollywood in South Carolina?

Why the name financial capital is owned by New York only and Can’t be here in South Carolina?

I plan to bring a Public WiFi and make our State an Intelligent State with the use of tools and technology available with the emergence in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Our millennial are no less than rest of the country and deserve no less than rest of the America. I would champion the salary of our K-12 teachers to be at least at national average, so that we can inspire and motivate the true builders of our future generations. I will leverage my high tech executives’ network to lead an unsurpassed STEM program for our K-12 students to ensure that our students are empowered with tools which will enable them to be not just fit & ready for 21st century jobs but also will guide them to be industry leaders who will create 21st century jobs in our State.

Let me ask you, when you look around in your everyday life, do you see people fighting as our representatives do? Do you see the deep left vs. right division when you stop to get coffee in the morning, or at work place, or when you go out for dinner with friends & family? No. Right?

When I ran and taught preschool couple of years ago, my preschoolers behaved better than today’s congress(wo)men when it came to name calling and fighting over a rubber ducky.

Its time for change in South Carolina and in our Congress. I am running for SC House District 78 in general elections in November 2020.

While in office, I promise to focus on problems rather than people, and solve our problems by working and brainstorming together. I promise to eliminate non-stop political bickering which is draining the Common Man every day. Please be a part of my campaign and consider donating, any amount will help bring the change we seek together.

We are stronger together.


Viresh Sinha

Please consider donating to my campaign by making checks payable to: “VOTE SINHA” and mail at the following address :

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