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SINHA for Congress : Why am I running for a Public Office ?

SINHA for Congress : Why am I running for a Public Office ?


My name is Viresh Sinha, and I am running for US Congress, South Carolina District 2.

Why am I running for US congress ? That’s the question I get asked all the time.

Well, I immigrated to America in 1998 as a computer programmer. Those were the good days…if you recall the gas used be less than a dollar per gallon. I remember it very well, I was in Grand Rapids in my first job, and first time I bought grocery, I think it was store called Meijers…I spent $30 and I got lot of stuff…I remember it because I had called my family back home and had told them…Mom, I bought everything I need , just for $30.

In last 21 years, First hand, I have experienced that life of a common man has become more & more stressful while level of Politics has gone down so much. Specially during and after the election of 2016, I see Political bickering has gone too far, I see Congressmen and women fighting each other all the time, rather than working on solving problems of common man.

I have a 9 year old son, and I worry for future generations, I want to make sure that they get a better world than what it is now…I want to bring the change in the Political scene, while I work in the Congress Office and do my job, I also want to inspire other congressmen and women to work together in a united way…for the common goal …for the common man….just like the democracy is defined of, by and for the people. Just like the democracy envisioned by our 7th President Andrew Jackson, just like our founder and first president George Washington appealed to people to work in a Non Partisan way for the common goal and the common good.

To find out more about myself and my platform, please visit my website and support me by Social media , telling your friends and family about myself, and please consider donating to my campaign so that ‘we can bring the change we seek together’.

This is the seat which is currently occupied by incumbent Republican Addison Graves “Joe” Wilson Sr. the U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s 2nd congressional district, serving since 2001. The district stretches from the state capital, Columbia, to the Georgia-South Carolina border. Democrat Adair Ford Boroughs of Forest Acres announced on Wednesday she is running against U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson of Springdale, the Republican congressman who has represented South Carolina’s 2nd District since 2001. The 2nd Congressional District of South Carolina is a congressional district in central and southwestern South Carolina. The district spans from Columbia to the South Carolina side of the Augusta, Georgia metropolitan area.
From 1993 through 2012, it included all of Lexington, Jasper, Hampton, Allendale and Barnwell counties; most of Richland and Beaufort counties and parts of Aiken, Calhoun and Orangeburg counties.
It was made more compact in the 2010 round of redistricting, and now comprises all of Lexington, Aiken and Barnwell counties, most of Richland County, and part of Orangeburg County. Besides Columbia (60 percent of which is in the district), other major cities in the district include Aiken and North Augusta. Another major campaigns in South Carolina are Jaime Harrison for Senate against Lindsay Graham, Joe Cunningham For Congress is a pragmatic voice putting country over party by advocating for common sense solutions to protect you, who is challenged by Nancy Mace.

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